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You won't know your style until you shoot a lot of frames. People won't know your style until you show them your best frames.

It's been 15 years of a fierce search to find my style. I'm getting there, I have my own 'style' but it will never be finished.

Once the style is too predictable, I feel limited. Everything evolves, everything changes, always. When I finished at school, there were 2 things that the jury told me :

don't do studiowork and focus on one specific item in photography. 

I've been struggling 15 years to obey the jury, but now I give up. Anno 2019, I know myself as a photographer who loves studiowork. Not in the way of doing everything in the studio, but to approach the making of a frame as meticulous as produced in the studio. Put me on the top of a mountain with a helicopter, give me the best skier, but if the light is not right, we won't make the perfect picture. Once a journalist told me : 'you're the mix of a German and an English photographer: the German version goes for the 'gründlichkeit', everything has to be technical perfect. The English version goes for the 'atmosphere', there should be an emotion in every picture, you're going for the adventure'.

I tried to focus on one specific item, some periods in life. A big part was automotive, nowadays it's more architecture. Working with people is another part which I learned and like a lot. Everything needs a specific approach, a specific mind- & viewset. I discovered that I'm a creative generalist who needs the change. This change feeds my creativity, this change determines my 'style'. 

But maybe the most important part of defining a style, is the person behind the camera.

Photography is not to portray what exists there, but what exits in that person. 

Nowadays, I make images which are most likely to end up on the web. Nevertheless, I don't shoot for the web but I learned to appreciate print. I can stare for hours to a perfectly printed work on the wall. The extra work to get there with the result of  the beauty of a print is like music and literature. It's an art form that takes a lifetime to master.

Looking forward to get in contact, to meet you in person !



Some inspirations : Jef Wall, Nina Simone, Francesco Tristano, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Morel, Chilly Gonzales

Some art references : exposition de Drempel/exposition Ieper/solo-exposition : 'Bright Lights, big cities' Gullegem

Some commercial references :






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